My Guberman/Huberman Family Story.


My name is Leslie Oberman the great grandson of Srul Guberman/Huberman and Batya/Basha Goldner.


Until two years ago I knew of two of my great-grandfathers as Israel Oberman( see website ) and Abraham David Bucshester (see website


For thirty years I researched the Oberman family name, I visited the Ukraine, I hired  a researcher in Kiev. He could not find any Israel Obermans. A chance remark by a cousin of mine that one of her brothers had been supported financially through his university course by a family in America who stated that they were members of the family led me to search for the Krasne family who were descendants of Bella and Anna/Hana Guberman, who came from Bogopol (Now Pervomaysk) in the Ukraine. When I went back to the research carried by the researcher in Kiev (see I found my GGF as Srul Guberman the son of Ios Gersh Guberman the son of Itsko Iosev Guberman. It would appear that Bella and Anna were sisters of my GGF Srul (Israel). Israel married Batya/Basha Goldner and they had two children Michael (my GF) and Esther. Israel died and Batya married again to a Nahum Kalisker,  who already had three children from his late wife, also named Batya. With Nahum, Batya had a further two children, Zelik and Raisel. Michael married Sarah Leah Bucshester, Esther married Arye Levin, Zelik married Shaina Yaffa Rubenstein, Raisel married Yaakov Rubenstein, Israel married Rosa Feigensen, then Manya Feldman, Blima married Michael Greenberg, Miriam married Shachna Salomon. Batya and Nahum were among the founders of Rosh Pina in the Upper Galilee in Israel. My previous research had concentrated on Oberman families around the world now I am now researching the Guberman families.


Leslie Oberman B.A. F.I.E.S. (Aust. & N.Z.), E.M.I.E.S. (N.A.)

Amateur Genealogist.

President of the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society Victoria Inc.


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