Obermans in Argentina.

There were in Moisesville three Oberman families that arrived in 1889 on board the steam ship S.S. Weser via Hamburg and Buenos Aires. They were included in a 130 family group originating in Kamenets-Podolsk and some from Bessarabia who purchased land to become colonists. The three families did not remain long because conditions were hard and many children died from illness. It is possible these families left for the cities such as Santa Fe, Rosario or Buenos Aires. There are no Obermans buried in Moises Ville.These three families consisted of A: Schulem aged 40, Guite 38, Feigue 19, Leie 17, Martje 16, Schifre 8, Herschke 6, and Rujl 2. B: Sim aged 40, Divara 36, Salomon 16, Benzel 17, Markus 10, Hirsch 6,Schmerel 3, Heinach 30, Israel 1.5, and Golde 28. C: Esther aged 20, Wewik 17 and Sofe 15.