The Continuation of Family First Names.

My grandfather Michael.

Michael arrived in Turkish Palestine in 1878 together with his sister Esther, his step brother Israel, his step sisters Blima and Miriam, his mother Batya/Basha,his step father Nahum Kalisker.He married Sarah Leah Bukshester who was born in Moinesti, Romania.In 1914 he purchased Elter Grabovski's farm of 300 dunam/75 acres on the Tiberias Road. Sara Leah and Michael had ten children. Sara Leah passed away 28th. January 1920 and Michael on 18th. December 1929.





My father David.

My father David, (born 20 April 1901, passed away 5th. September 1968) the son of Michael had seven sisters, Pnina, Rachel, Henya, Hannah, Esther, Shulamit [Sheila], Tikvah[Thelma] and two brothers Israel and Joseph.He arrived in Adelaide aboard the SS Hymettus on the 19th. November 1920.He was married in 1926 at St.Kilda, Melbourne to Zeasel[Cissie] Siekierka (born Warsaw, Poland c.1905) .





One of my brothers, Michael.

My brother Michael married Florence Sternberg on the 27th November 1952 at Toorak, Melbourne. They have two children Faye and Helene and four grandchildren, Stefan, Gabriela, Tova and Leah. Florence's sister Margaret z"l was the mother of my three sons.





One of my grand-sons Paul David Oberman.

I married Margaret Sternberg on the 17th November 1953 at East Melbourne. Margaret passed away on the 12th May 1989. Margaret gave me three sons Lenard, Mark and Jacob. I married Sonya (nee Black) Polack on the 8th April 1990 at East Bentleigh. Lenard has two daughters,Ellyse and Allyvia, Mark has three sons, Jason, Paul, Glen and a daughter Michelle.