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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Batya/Basha GOLDNER                                    Menachem Mendel GOLDNER

Sister and Brother

(I suspect that they were born in Romania .)

Batya/Basha married Srul Guberman/Huberman known as Israel OBERMAN/HOBERMAN and they had two children Michael my grandfather and Esther. Where they married and lived I have not been able to discover. Israel died and Batya/Basha married a Nahum KALISKER and had two children with him namely Raizel and Zelik. Nahum had three children from his first marriage with his late wife also named Batya, namely, Israel , Miriam and Blima. In Berezovka/Berezivka (Then in the Kherson Gubernia but now in Odessa Oblast) Nahum and his son Israel had a sack-making business and acted as agricultural agents.

Menachem Mendel married Zipporah (surname unknown) and they had four children Israel , Pinchas, Yaakov, and Mordechai.


Nahum must have been wealthy because in 1878  the whole family emigrated to Turkish Palestine (now Israel ) and purchased land on Mount Canaan in the upper Galilee in an abandoned Arab village named Ja’Una. Later a Jewish village named Gei-Oni was founded there, but it failed and the land was sold to Romanian immigrants and the town of Rosh Pina was founded in 1882.

Batya/Basha and Nahum KALISKER and the seven children became part of the town Rosh Pina.

Michael married Sarah-Leah Bucshester and had 10 children, Pnina, Esther, Henya, Hannah, Shulamit, Tikva , Israel , David and Joseph.

Esther married Arye Levin and died in childbirth. They had one son Joseph.

Israel first married Rose Crossman and they had seven children Avram, Zelig, Itzig, Yaacov, Dan, Max, Clara and Rebecca. After Rose died he married again to Manya Feldman and they had three children Sara, Nahum and Rachel.

Blima married Michael Greenberg and they had six children, Esther, Rivka, Leah, Batya, Brauch, and Yitzhak.

Miriam married Shachna Salomon and they had seven children, Batya Chaya, Chana Yehudit, Nachum, Yaacov, Yitzhak, Yehoshua and Rafael.

Raizel married Yaacov Rubenstein and they had five children, Esther, Pauline Leah, Norman, Frank, Louis Morris.

Zelik married Shaina Yaffa Rubenstein and they had five children,  Batya, Shoshana, Chaya, Shlomo and Chaim.


Menachem Mendel settled in Yavniel in the Galilee and with his wife Rachel Grinker had four sons, Israel , Pinchas, Yaakov and Mordechai.

Pinchas was murdered by Arabs in his early years as a young man. For the fear of blood revenge the rest of the brothers were compelled to leave Israel   and escape to the U.S.A.

Mordechai served in the US army during WW1. When released from the army  he returned to Yavniel in Israel . He married Rachel Grinker from Yesod-Haamala and moved to live with her. His parents soon joined him. Mordechai is buried in Yesod-Haamala. Rachel died while giving birth to David. Mordechai remarried to Hadasa Lubovsky. They had two children Geula, the mother of Michal Rozenthal and Hagay who passed away in 1980.

Yaakov Jacob Jack remained in Los Angeles . He married Hanna Lefkovits

They had 5 children, Herman , Leon , Joseph, Mary and Lillian.

Israel (Max?) remained in New York . He had five daughters Lillian Ducker, Sophie, Esther, Rose.and Helen



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First Generation.


Menachem Mendel GOLDNER (brother to Batya/ Basha GOLDNER)

married Zipporah.

Four Children:

Mordechai , Israel ,Yaakov,Pinchas

Menachem is buried in Yesod Hamaala.


Second Generation.


Mordechai GOLDNER first married Rachel GRINKER

Two Children:                                      (died giving birth to David. YesodHamaala.)

David, Bat-Ami


Mordechai GOLDNER second marriage Hadasa LUBOVSKY

Two Children:

Geula, Hagay


Israel GOLDNER (I have no information except he settled in New York , U.S.A. )

Five children Lillian Ducker, Sophie, Esther, Rose.and Helen



Yaakov GOLDNER (I have no information) except he settled in Los Angeles , U.S.A. Five children Herman , Leon , Joseph, Mary and Lillian.


Pinchas GOLDNER was murdered by Arabs when he was a young man.


Third Generation.


David GOLDNER (I have no information)


Bat-Ami GOLDNER married Mordechai ZEMIRI

Two children :

Yermiyahu ZEMIRI.



Geula GOLDNER married  ? ROZENTHAL




Hagai GOLDNER (I have no information)


Herman GOLDNER married Kate.

One child Anne.


Joseph GOLDNER married  Elaine

Three children Anita, Jay and Debby.


Leon GOLDNER married .

One daughter Lisa.


Mary GOLDNER married Abraham PARIS.

Two children Irvin and Frances.


Lillian ( daughter of Jack) married  Eugene David Fewkes.

Two children Alice June Chana and Jessica Lyn

Lillian (daughter of Israel) married Allen Ducker.

Three Children Susan Mauk, Steven and Bruce.

Fourth Generation.


Yermiyahu ZEMIRI MARRIED Sarah Hershtig.

Three children Nimrodi, Yael, Naomi.


Rachel ZEMIRI  married Avram Amir

Three children,

Gilad, Yaron and Hagar.




Anne GOLDNER married Herman DENITZ.

Two children, Mark and David.


Anita GOLDNER married Stanley ROMAN




Debby GOLDNER married a Mr. WATSON.


Lisa GOLDNER  married Bob LEVY.




Frances PARIS married  Lew DOUGLAS

Two children Jack and Steven.


Alice June Chana FEWKES married  Mordechai Michael INGRAM

Six Children Ayala Miriam, Dori Hadassa, Jacob Joseph, Yitzhak David,  Gabriel Simcha, Naama Sarah.


Fifth Generation.





Gilad AMIR

Yaron AMIR

Hagar AMIR





Ayala Miriam INGRAM

Dori Hadassa INGRAM

Jacob Joseph INGRAM

Yitzhak David INGRAM

Gabriel Simcha INGRAM

Naama Sarah INGRAM


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