My Oberman family outside St Kilda (Melbourne,Victoria, Australia) Hebrew Congregation synagogue. The Barmitzvah of Stefan (Grandson of my brother Michael).


From Left,

Back Row: Myself, my youngest brother Joni who lives in Israel, my middle son Mark, my eldest son Lenard, Michael's daughter Faye's husband Danny Crossman, my youngest son Jacob, my brother-in law, my sister Lilian's husband Moshe Nitzan, my second brother Barney who lives in Israel, my third brother Michael.

Middle Row: My wife Sonya, Michael's wife Florence, Michael's two daughters Helene and Faye,my sister Lilian, Faye's daughter Leah, Lilian's daughter Rochelle.

Front Row: Helene's son Stefan, the Barmitvah boy, his sister Gabriele, Faye's eldest daughter Tova.